Sabegn Coffee


Our premium and speciality coffee pays tribute to the origin of unique coffee flavors and coffee culture. Roasting at origin with expertise that has both international and local knowledge Sabegn Coffee highlights the unique flavor profiles that make Ethiopian Coffee exceptional.

- Roasted at Origin at a modern roasting plant and technology by international coffee specialists that understand the delicacy of Ethiopian Coffee in terms of aroma and flavor.

- Roasted by an Authorized Specialty Coffee SCA trainer (AST)In house coffee quality control and re-grading mechanisms for high quality coffee and flavors.

- Committed to building and conserving a thriving local coffee ecosystem that benefits smallholder farmers, cooperatives and coffee roasters.

- Research based Expertise in blending different coffees to achieve unique flavors.

Highlighting the competitive advantage or uniqueness of Ethiopian coffee. Has been designed to get a product taste of Ethiopia.