About Us

Sabegn made being made in artisan workshop in Ethiopia

Our Story: Empowering Women, One Piece at a Time

Sabegn is a sustainable fashion brand that produces and sources high-quality leather products from Ethiopia. Our company was founded in 2011 by two sisters who wanted to impact even just a single person and through time became a success story in the artisanal industry. It's been a hard but fulfilling journey. Today, we're proud to be one of the major exporters of artisan leather products to countries such as the USA, Denmark, Norway, Germany, and Switzerland. 

Our Values: Sustainable Employment and Fair Livable Wages

At Sabegn, we believe in putting sustainable employment and fair livable wages at the core of our business values. We recognize that global fashion is one of the largest industrial employers of women worldwide, yet only 2% are paid a living wage. Therefore, we ensure that our artisans receive fair wages, vacation time, pension plans, maternity leave, and more. This commitment to our employees has helped us establish ourselves as a reputable brand and a reliable manufacturing partner for other sustainable brands around the world. 

Our Commitment: Culturally Regenerative and Circular Design

At Sabegn, we're committed to the environment and to reducing waste in the fashion industry. That's why we've invested heavily in culturally regenerative and circular design. Our independent brand has established a leading role in the artisanal industry in Africa and globally through this commitment. For example, a batch of bags that we produce reuses over 13,000 pounds of waste leather. Our sustainable leather fashion products are made with the highest quality standards, and we ensure that our customers receive only the best. 


Sabegn Team