Concept Store & Café

From our premises in the heart of Bole, Addis Abeba, we bring you a wide range of unique quality crafted leather products and accessories, fashion, jewellery and other lifestyle pieces from over 40 independent Artists and Artisans at competitive prices.

Additionally, from our workshop we manufacture our own line of bags and accessories using premium Ethiopian leather carefully sourced.

Sabegn currently employs 30 people and is directly creating market opportunities for over 200 artists and artisans. It is our responsibility that our all employees are treated fairly, with ethical working conditions, healthy working hours and are paid a fair living wage, which currently stands at 300% higher than regular industry standards in Ethiopia. 

The world is a better place when businesses such as ours invest in the communities that they are based in and of course no matter how successful Sabegn is; we have nothing to show if our community is still living in poverty. Apart from providing the space for artists and artisans to connect with their buying audiences, we also provide them with the much-needed free meeting spaces where they can actively network and work with them to develop their skills around the business side of their work.  

We are open Mondays to Sundays from 8am until 8pm


We are in the Bole Atlas area, opposite Sapphire Hotel, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia